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Cuttings: Issue #2

This online journal of new Australian writing is looking for submissions for their second issue, ‘Meanwhile, over the hill…’, which focuses on the ever-expanding genre of ‘farm-lit’.

I’m kind of excited about this because I’m deeply in love with the outback and am keen to rustle up some hot and dusty words.

Raising goats, knitting socks and shovelling horse poo – these are apparently now the distractions that romantic escapists want.

Yep, I’m there. For more info about Cuttings and how to submit to them, check out their website.

Submissions should be 500 words max (flash fiction; I’m falling even more in love with this journal), and be sent via email by January 30 2014.


5 thoughts on “Cuttings: Issue #2

  1. Thanks for the great info yet again!
    I’ve raised many goats, knitted a few socks and spread 12 bags of horse poo on my garden just last week so sound like it’s right up my alley 🙂

      • It’s funny – a few months after I started Positive Words magazine, more than ten years ago, I attended a presentation for a competition. I’d had things published but I’d never won a prize and the organiser told me I could talk about the new magazine. I was rather nervous and only half listening to the judge as she made her speech, thinking about what I was going to say and not imagining I had any chance. I heard her say ‘writing about the suburbs is the new frontier in writing’ and I knew that totally ruled me out as my story was set on a farm. But…she went on to say she narrowed the entries down to 3 (with just 2 prizes) and one missed by a cat’s whisker. Yep, mine! But I was so thrilled. It was the closest I’d ever come to a prize and it boosted my confidence so much. I doubled (trebled) my writing output after that and not long after won a prize with a new story. Yet, I would never have known if I hadn’t been there at the presentation! (That’s why I always put out a shortlist after competitions, hoping others are encouraged as much as I was.) And, my ‘farm’ story did go on to win another competition and was published in Woman’s Day a couple of years later. I’m a country girl so just wrote about what I know – after reading your post I’m looking at all the animals around here with new eyes 🙂

      • See, I’ve lived in the suburbs all my life, and while I can appreciate writing that captures it perfectly, I’d prefer to read about the bush! There’s something really unique about our country. I feel connected to it and proud to live here, so reading and writing about the land and the people really appeals to me. As ‘Cuttings’ point out, ‘farm-lit’ is a nice escape from the suburban and city lives that so many of us lead It’s a nice thing to embrace 🙂

        Also, thanks for the re-blog!

        Good luck with your writing, Sanda! Your past competition wins and publications prove that ‘farm-lit’ is alive and kicking (and hopefully will be for a while yet).

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