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John O’Brien Open Writing Competition

With free entry and a chance to win $200, this competition is a great opportunity to get your writing into the world and support the arts in our Aussie country towns.

Named after the poet John O’Brien and part of a country poetry and music festival hosted at Narrandera, this writing competition is open to short story and poetry entries from Australians over 18 years.

You can submit up to three pieces on the theme of ‘Country Life’ (something that’s right up my literary-alley!) to be accompanied by entry forms and mailed to the Narrandera Shire Library before February 21 2014.

Check out the submission guidelines for more info and to download an entry form.

Promoting literature and artistic festivals in our rural regions is super important, not only to encourage creative expression and prove that literary careers are possible in remote areas, but to boost tourism to little known (but lovely) country towns.

Whether you live in the country or not, many of us have experiences with ‘country life’ and whatever that means to us as individuals. So write something up, send it in, and support rural writing!


2 thoughts on “John O’Brien Open Writing Competition

  1. Hi Kyra. I found you via Writers Edit. I am also a contributor. I am loving your blog with its writers helper twist! Very altruistic of you.. I will be checking in from time to time. Happy writing.

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