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Questions Writing Prize 2014

Write about any topic you like, submit online with free entry, and possibly win $2000.

As far as writing competitions go, the Questions Writing Prize takes the cake (and gives a share to everybody, because they’re just that awesome).

Run by Future Leaders, an initiative that publishes brave writing from young Aussies, this competition is open to everyone aged 18 – 30 (apologies to all you oldies).

Fiction and non-fiction pieces should be between 1500 and 2000 words, and with no theme restrictions you’ve got the freedom to submit the very best of your work.

Prize includes money and publication in a printed book (that’s the icing on the cake, so to speak) just make sure you get your entry in by July 1 2014. Submission guidelines and more information can be found on the Questions website.

This really is a fantastic opportunity, and I know because (tooting my own horn) I won it a couple of years back. The Questions Writing Prize is achievable, and there’s nothing holding any emerging writer back from putting their name in the running.

While you’re on the website you might as well have a peek at the latest issue of the Questions Journal (which also has open submissions right now).

Have a go at this one. Seriously.


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