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Apex Flash Fiction Contest

‘Tis the season to be writing a quick Christmas story with a fun genre twist. What makes this contest special is the fact that Apex Publications are dedicated to sci-fi, horror, and fantasy writing.

This dark Christmas mash-up competition has the potential to be super fun to write, as well as being a unique publication experience.

Because we’re talking flash fiction, stories should be kept to 250 words max. You can submit up to three entries via email (more submission guidelines can be found on the Apex website).

In terms of prizes, if you win this creepy Chrissy comp you’ll get feedback and editing on up to 5000 words of your writing, a tidy cash sum of 5 cents per word, a subscription to Apex Magazine, and your story will be published on the Apex blog.

If you’re keen to challenge yourself with a story that could see Santa’s elves as alien slaves or Rudolph as a crazed killer, then give this one a go and get your submissions in by December 16!


6 thoughts on “Apex Flash Fiction Contest

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