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Happy Birthday ‘little rockets’!

That’s right, folks! A year ago tonight I started my very first blog, ‘little rockets’. I’m super chuffed.

My vision for ‘little rockets’ began with the idea of sharing. Sharing news and ideas and tips, just anything at all that could make this writing thing a little easier. Why call it ‘little rockets’? Find out here.

A year on and I still love trawling competition websites, checking back at bookmarked literary journals, and scrolling through my news feed for publishing updates. And I love telling all you lovely people about it. And let’s be honest, without you (followers, regulars, passers-by) ‘little rockets’ would be kinda lame.

But I know this blog is barely crawling. Let’s face it, at one year old ‘little rockets’ is still wearing a diaper and asking for piggy back rides.

So to help it mature and grow I need some feedback. I want to know what it is you like best about ‘little rockets’, and what you’d like to see change. Just click in the quick poll, and if you have any other suggestions fire ’em at me in a comment.

I feel like I should’ve bought a cake or something. But we can all blow out the candles together. Don’t forget to make a wish.



4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday ‘little rockets’!

  1. Happy birthday little rockets. I think your blog is great with news and info about books, writing ideas, info from other authors (enjoyed the Stephen king one) and of course all the competitions you tell us about. I have entered stacks! Keeps me very busy! Your blog promotes reading and writing which is great. Good luck with your writing and I hope you have another successful year of blog posts. Rachel.

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