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Peril Magazine

This call for submissions is for two upcoming issues of Peril magazine, both focusing on the theme of binaries. Peril is a biannual online magazine for Asian Australian writing that has been around since 2006.

They’re accepting prose, poetry, non-fiction, spoken word videos, and visual art.

As for the theme, Peril has a great list of oppositions on their webpage that can spark your imagination. Because submissions are for two separate (yet connected) issues of the magazine, Peril say that

You can consider writing about “good” in one issue, and then another contribution that grapples with “evil” in another.  We are considering paired submissions for both issues, however, we’re also happy to accept single issue submissions.

I like the idea of having two magazines looking at different topics from two angles – it would be an interesting experiment for a writer to write one story and split it.

So if you’d like to submit to Peril, get your online submissions in by November 1 2013.


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