Competitions / Opportunities

Stonnington Writing Competition

Stonnington Libraries are asking ‘What’s Your Story’ in the open writing comp for their [untitled] literary festival. They’re looking for “a short story or poem inspired by your own life experiences” – easy peasy! We’ve all got some of those.

There are four different categories to enter, with the open adult competitions including ‘My MicroMemoir’ and ‘My Life, My Poem’. Stories have a 1000 word limit, and poems should be kept to 40 lines and under. Check out all the guidelines here.

Winners of both prizes have a chance to win $300.

You don’t have to be from Stonnington, just an Aussie resident, and you don’t have to mail in your entries because online submissions are accepted.

They really have made it super easy to get involved, and chances are we’ve all got some autobiographical story or poem hanging around just waiting for a competition like this one.

If you’re keen, get your entries in by November 1 2013.


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