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10 reasons not to be a writer

This article was just too good not to share. Written by Matt Haig, this list had me solemnly nodding, laughing out loud, and reading excerpts to those around me (who, for some reason, just didn’t get it – must be a writer thing).

My favourite bits and bobs would have to be that

Being a writer is deciding to live your whole life as if it was soundtracked by Radiohead.


A writer gives up having a life for twelve months and comes out at the end of it with nothing to show for it but a one-star Amazon review written by someone in Idaho called JesusRainbowUnicorn who doesn’t like the reference to ‘acts of a sinful nature’ on page 439, third paragraph, second line.

And of course, the ever-present back-of-the-brain niggling that there are in fact ‘other writers’ out there, mostly

Dan Brown. Dan Brown. Dan Brown. E L James. Dan Brown. Dan Brown. Dan Brown.

There are plenty of reasons not to be a writer. More than 10 if you had the time (or the heart) to think about it. But the good outweighs the bad, so I’m happy to leave my blinkers on and await that inevitable review from JesusRainbowUnicorn. Bring it on.



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