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shovelling shit

Stephen King has the best writing advice I’ve come across. It’s as if I’m sitting at a bar and he is the classic bartender, mixing me cocktails of humour and wit while giving me some solid tips to get through life as a writer. I always find myself coming back to him for gems like this:

Sometimes you have to go on when you don’t feel like it, and sometimes you’re doing good work when it feels like all you’re managing to do is shovel shit from a sitting position.

Ahh, yes!

The thing with Stephen King is that when I leave his metaphorical bar of wisdom, I don’t feel sloppy or stuck anymore. It’s refreshing, and I want to write. Even if all I’m doing is shovelling shit.


2 thoughts on “shovelling shit

  1. Absolutely agree, but it sure is hard to do sometimes. I’ve read the book (as well as most of his others), but it’s been a while. Think I need to go back for a refresher.

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