Writing Advice

Are you a ‘happy’ author?

Before I read this article on Books & Such I’d never thought about the concept of ‘happy’ or ‘unhappy’ authors. I always assumed that writers were just people, and people can be up or down on any given day.

As a person who happens to be a writer, some days I feel good, some days not so much. But what about these ‘happy authors’?

Well, here are just a few things that ‘happy authors’ don’t do:

  • reject the idea of marketing
  • feel threatened by the editorial process
  • believe in writer’s block
  • complain how hard it is to be a writer

I feel like I’d consider myself pretty happy as a writer and as an individual.

But I do believe in writer’s block (I don’t think we should wallow in it, but I believe it exists, it’s not like the tooth fairy or the boogeyman). And I’ve been known to think to myself, “Writing is so hard”, and have a little face-down-on-desk moment.

The article has some great advice, but I don’t know if happy versus unhappy is the way I’d go about it.

Writers are only human. And last time I checked, humans were subject to unhappiness.


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