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David Harold Tribe Poetry Award 2013

100 lines of poetry. Free entry. $12,000.

Yes. More than I can express in a blog post, YES.

The University of Sydney are holding the David Harold Tribe Poetry Award, aimed at

providing poets with funds that might enable them to further their education in the field of poetry, to continue to refine their work as poets, and to improve the general public’s appreciation of Australian poetry.

It’s like they’re seeing into my soul and finding all the things I love in a good competition. Only this isn’t just a good competition. This is an amazing competition.

Did I mention you could win $12,000 (plus publication in Southerly) with up to 100 lines of poetry, with no strings attached? I’m still kind of awestruck.

Theme is open and submissions should be previously unpublished (only one per person, thank you). Find the submission guidelines by following the link and don’t forget to read through them before you print off your poems and lick that envelope.

And be sure to get your entry in the post before 13 September 2013!


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