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Rockingham Short Fiction Awards

The City of Rockingham is at it again, bringing us another free and easy writing comp from the shores of Western Australia.

They’re accepting submissions from anywhere and in any genre (providing you’ve been inspired by the painting ‘Brothers’ found on the entry form) that lie between 1500-3500 words.

Categories include Open, Over 50s, and Young Writers, each with their own money prizes (yay, money!) plus some other awesome opportunities from the Australian Writer’s Marketplace.

If these awards were a Christmas morning you’d have a sackful of happy and one foot in Santa’s sleigh.

Submissions should be printed and popped in the mail box. For all the formatting guidelines, plus info on where to send your story check the entry form.

Entries for the City of Rockingham Short Fiction Awards close October 11 2013, so visit the website, take a look at the prompt picture, and put your pretty little thoughts on that page!


2 thoughts on “Rockingham Short Fiction Awards

    • Haha, there’s no secret!

      A few different places: I’ve subscribed to my local and state writer’s centres as their monthly newsletters often have upcoming comps. There’s also a bunch of other writing websites that I’ve got email subscriptions for, plus some pages bookmarked so I can check them every month or so.

      This site is a good one for competitions:

      And there’s also this, that has a database of journals:

      There’s a fair bit of stuff out there, but 99% of the competitions I post about have free entry, so for me, it’s just a matter of going through everything that comes along and picking the ones that have no strings attached 🙂

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