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Linda Flowers Award 2013

Not just a pretty name, the Linda Flowers Award has a pretty cool purpose too.

The North Carolina Humanities Council are holding this writing prize to “explore the promises, the problems, the experiences, the meanings, in lives that have been shaped by North Carolina and its many cultures”.

This is your chance to get dig deep and get meaningful in your short stories, poetry, and non-fiction.

Entries should be 2000-2500 words and (here’s another amazing little description, get ready):

Submissions should detail examinations of intimate, provocative, and inspiring portraiture of North Carolina, its people and cultures, bringing to light real men and women having to make their way in the face of change, loss, triumph, and disappointments.

Aw, man. I wish I knew anything at all about North Carolina.

The prize for the Linda Flowers Award is $500 and a stipend for a writer’s residency, plus publication. Click here to see all the info, including submission guidelines and general inspirational ideas to help blossom into beautiful writing.

Entries close August 15 2013.


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