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Lord Mayor’s Creative Writing Awards 2013

Gotta love writing competitions that are specially crafted for emerging writers. And this one’s a doozy.

It’s as if the Melbourne Library Service decided to bake a cake only they filled it with cash prizes, a bunch of different categories, and love. And took out the entry fee. Because everyone just eats around that bit.

There are five categories to enter:

  1. Short Story
  2. Dorothy Porter Award for Poetry
  3. Novella
  4. Graphic short story
  5. Narrative non-fiction

Each one is worth $1000 to the winner, and the Lord Mayor’s Award (chosen from all five winners) is worth a whopping $5000. Yes, please.

There are different guidelines for each category, so check them out in more detail here.

Check the terms and conditions. It’s worth it, because there are a fair few tricky formatting things. Entries can be submitted online, and have to be in by August 31 2013.

I don’t live in Victoria, so I fall outside the guidelines to enter (grr). But personally, I’d be super excited about the Short Story and Dorothy Porter categories; they’re the pavlova and black forest of the creative writing awards.

I honestly don’t know where this cake metaphor came from. But it’s delicious.


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