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Boroondara Open Short Story Comp

Part of the Boroondara Literary Awards, this particular competition is open to all ages and all genres of Australian writing (nice and broad, which is why I’m passing it on). Oh, but there’s also a Young Writers Competition that you can check out here.

Stories for the open comp should be between 1500 and 3000 words and previously unpublished. You can submit up to two entries to go in the running to win cash prizes up to $1500.

Plus there’s a damn good chance that if you win you’ll get published in an anthology. I say you have a ‘good chance’ because the fine print states that “Any story that includes strong language or adult themes may not be included in the anthology”. Well, Shit.

That’s why it’s probably a good idea to check out the rest of the guidelines, which you can do by clicking this. Entries close 5pm August 30 2012.

But hey, this open competition has free entry and online submissions, so you’ve got nothing to lose, which I love.

It’s prizes like these that make me a little smiley inside because there’s still hope that the cheapskate writers like me (and maybe you, I dunno) have got a shot at this writin’ thang. Thanks Boroondara!


4 thoughts on “Boroondara Open Short Story Comp

  1. Thanks for the info Kyra. The Boroondara one sounds great. I love freebie online comps too. Looks like mine won’t be going in the anthology then! haha I’m sure I’ll be able to tone it down.

    • No probs, Rachel! And yeah, I feel a little weird about things like that. I don’t feel like there should be restrictions on publications that are made for an adult audience, taken from a competition targeted at adults, because writing is real and the real world is full of explicit things… Oh well 🙂

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