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The Sleepers Almanac No. 9

Sleepers is a publishing house run out of Melbourne who are now accepting submissions for their ninth collection of stories, poetry, and illustrations.

They’re looking for pieces up to 10,000 words from anywhere around the globe. So if you’re an emerging writer or someone who’s looking to get their work published in a proper book (it’s called an ‘almanac’ for crying out loud, who wouldn’t want to have their name in it?) then click this linky here for more info.

Sleepers recommend that you read a copy of a past Almanac to gauge their house style (which is always helpful), but there’s no harm in submitting to them even if you haven’t read their books before. You’ve basically got nothing to lose!

Previously published works are out of the question. But pick your best 2 pieces (or write some up soon), attach that submission cover letter, and go to town (by which I mean, email it to them).

You’ve got until August 4 2013 so hitch yourself a ride on the creative-train, cos we’re heading for Sleepers-ville!


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