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Flavorwire Short Fiction Contest 2013

Ahh, Flavorwire: responsible for much amusement, insight, and plenty of quirky little lists that keep me clicking on their posts. But it was their post announcing their first ever short fiction contest that got my little Kyra-ears pricked up and got me writing this.

First place prize? $500. A nice little addition to your bank balance, I’ll say. You also get published, which is awesome too.

Stories should be 5,000 words or less and sent via email (woo, technology). All genres and styles are fair game, but leave your poetry and non-fiction at the door. All entries should be previously unpublished but surprisingly, simultaneous submissions are A-Okay.

There are a few more submission guidelines to follow, so check out this page and have a proper read before you send your story off.

The Flavorwire Short Fiction Contest 2013 closes May 17 (that’s next Friday!) so get scribbling and scrambling.


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