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Colouring the Classics

We may gloss over the kinds of colours used in the novels we read, but visual artist Jaz Parkinson‘s latest project allows us to see books in a whole new light. She’s basically tallied up all the references to colour in a bunch of classic novels and charted them out to create posters that look something like this:

Pretty cool, huh? I love the dash of green that comes into the end. You can find more colour charted books in this gallery, they’re worth a look.

It’s interesting to think about colour in a story or book as a kind of progressive pallette, something that gradually grows with the narrative and reflects the story content.

Parkinson’s project has just proved to me that colour is something I should think about more, beyond the images of the moment I’m writing about, and more about how the novel will look (and feel) as a whole work of art.

I imagine  the colour chart of my novel would feature a lot of shades of greys, reds, and oranges, and I kind of like that I can visualise it all now, because colour can say a lot about feeling and atmosphere. What colours would your book be?


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