Southerly: LYRE/LIAR

I once had a tutor describe Southerly to me as “kind of like your cool grandma”. And if that’s anything to go by, their latest themed submission opening should be pretty hip.

Southerly’s next issue is LYRE/LIAR, describing the theme as “words as a life-giving or life-taking tool” and “writing as a moral outlet”. There’s also a list of content ideas to consider while writing for the next issue, that can be found on their blog, and it’s worth a look through if you’re going to submit.

An interesting slant on the theme is the focus of “nonhuman animals and our relations to/with them” which could be something really cool and challenging to write about.

Poetry, fiction and non-fiction are being accepted, with a word limit of around 4-5000. Submissions can be made in hardcopy but you can’t really go past the massive blue button for online entries on their submissions page.

So run along and slip your submissions into Southerly’s mailbox. They’re a great journal to establish yourself in as a writer, and who doesn’t love a rockin’ granny?


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