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Oddest Book Title of 2013

Pretty much speaks for itself, really.

The Diagram has released their shortlist for the Oddest Book Title of 2013. I’d never heard of this prize before today, and I’m almost as excited about it as I was about the Bad Sex in Fiction Award.

Titles are important for any book, but it takes some courage to publish something really out-there. You can find all six shortlisted book titles here. My favourite would have to be God’s Doodle: The Life and Times of the Penis just for the fantastic use of the word ‘doodle’ which I’ve not heard since primary school.

Once you’ve picked a favourite book title, head to this website and vote in a winner! The results are released on March 22 2013, so stay tuned and may the oddest book win.


4 thoughts on “Oddest Book Title of 2013

  1. this is brilliant, thanks so much. i’m going to have to go with the discourse on mechanical pencils. because i love my pencil. tony

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