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Writer’s Digest ‘Your Story’ Comp

Every month or so Writer’s Digest run a competition called ‘Your Story’ where the winner is chosen by public vote and published in the next issue. Entries must be 750 words or less and emailed to Writer’s Digest.

What makes this competition interesting is not so much that the public decide who wins (by voting through the Your Story Forum) but that the prompts are so open-ended and really get you thinking.

For February/March/April the prompt is as follows:

You’re stranded on a desert island with three items: a coconut, a mask and a dictionary. Write a story of 750 words or fewer that explains how you use these items to help you get off the island.

Yep, this one’s a toughy. Thinking outside the box ensues.

Visit the Writer’s Digest website for all the nitty gritty on the comp, and to find out where to send your story.

Entries close on April 15 2013. Which is good, because I know I’m going to need plenty of time to work out how the hell I’m getting off this damn island…


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