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Nicole Blizzard Short Story Contest 2013

If you’re a proud Alaskan woman who writes short stories on the side, let me hear you roar! By which I mean: RAW, the Radical Arts for Women, are holding the Nicole Blizzard Short Story Contest and you should submit something grand.

Nicole Blizzard was an Alaskan writer and advocate for LGBT literature. You don’t need to be gay, bi or trans to enter this competition, though it will definitely help if your story shows a little lesbianism. Stories (fiction only) should have some kind of lesbian content and be between 250 and 5000 words.

Entry is free and should be submitted by email by March 15 2013. The winner will receive $500 and be published by RAW (woo). For more submission guidelines check out the Radical arts for Women website.

So if you’re Alaskan, female and have a thing for writing lesbian literature, I reckon this one’s for you. Everybody else will just have to save their applause til the winner is announced on March 30.


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