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Stories Space ‘Darkness and Light’ Comp

Whether you’ve been welcomed to the dark side or are bathing in heavenly light, this competition from Stories Space might be just what you’re looking for.

Working with the theme ‘Darkness and Light’ your mission is to write a story (or a bunch of stories) and submit to Stories Space in the hope of winning over the voting public and collecting $200. There are other cash prizes for second and third, so either way, if you get a place in the competition, you’re not going home empty-handed. Which is nice.

And yes, you did read correctly: the voting public. Once you submit your story it goes up on the Stories Space website for all to see and judge. You can see the other entrants (plus the comp info) here. The deadline is February 27 2013, so you’ve got some time.

I’m not saying you should leave it til the last minute, because you won’t get as much time for people to vote, but… just do it.


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