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ABC Open Wollongong Workshop

I’ve blogged about the ABC Open project ‘500 words’ before, where you write non-fiction for each month’s theme and get published on the ABC Open website. It’s a great thing to be part of (you can read one of my previous contributions here) and if you’re in the Wollongong area, there’s an even better opportunity heading your way.

The ever-brilliant South Coast Writers Centre are hosting a workshop for the February theme of ‘A Scary Moment’, where you get the chance to write and record for ABC Open. That’s right, you get to make audio versions of your work.

The workshop is on the 21st of February at Glennifer Brae, from 10.30 til 12.30. There are still spots left, so if you’re free and willing, I say go for it. I put my hand up for this one too, so you’ll probably see me there scribbling away in the corner.

To get involved, email and tell ’em you’re keen.

Even if you’re not in the Wollongong region, check out the ABC Open website and have a go. ‘500 words’ really is a cool project, and if they like your stuff, they’re super nice about edits and getting your story out there for all to see. Do it!


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