The Disappearing

The Red Room Company are a band of merry writers, robbing from their own rich minds and hearts, and giving poetry to everybody else.

They’ve got a bunch of projects on the go, which you can check out here, but probably the most appealing is ‘The Disappearing’.

I had a go at this one today, wrote a poem, re-read the submission page (always handy) and realised the theme at the moment is ‘Oxford Street’. Oh well, I still got a poem out of it. Thanks Red Room!

Basically, all you do is write a poem about a place (Oxford St in this case) and send it in, including a little summary of the area, some GPS coordinates and an author bio in your email. Then Red Room work some magic and put it in their App ‘The Disappearing’. Pretty snazzy.

If you’re interested (and I think you are) you can find the submission guidelines here. Get in quick guys, because the cut-off date is February 6 2013.


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