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why writers are like pirates

It’s not that we all look awesome in an eye-patch (cue that rockin’ photo of James Joyce – awww yeeeaah).


And it’s not that we have scurvy (hopefully), or parrots (though parrots are nice).

Here are a bunch of reasons why writers are like pirates. It’s pretty accurate (I always use a cutlass when I edit) and worth a look if you’re up for some fun writing metaphors.

I’d like to add the following to the list:

  • Getting marooned – because every writer knows what it’s like to be shut away from the world, trying to work out how the hell you got here in the first place.
  • First mates – because every writer should have an ideal reader, someone they write for, someone to read their work and tell them the truth. And sometimes first mates stop us from getting marooned.
  • Rum – just because.

I’m sure there’s a lot more, but that’s all I’ve got for now.

So this is Captain Kyra, sailing off into another night of similes and syntax. Bon voyage, me hearties.


2 thoughts on “why writers are like pirates

  1. Hey, those are all good. I hope to find a first mate at some point. My wife’s done a good job on my short stories, but she’s not a big reader in general, nor of the type of fiction I write. So for the novels in progress I don’t think she’ll want to participate 🙂

    • Sometimes the people who aren’t big readers or writers are the best! I’ve had my boyfriend read my work and tell me that some imagery or wording doesn’t make sense. It does to me, but knowing that others don’t ‘get it’ is vital to making my writing cohesive to everyone. Fresh eyes are important :]

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