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Voiceworks ‘Cell’

Voiceworks are back with a brand new theme to get you writing, submitting and potentially published. I’m getting in early with this one, so we all have plenty of time.

As always, Voiceworks are accepting fiction, non-fiction, poetry and artworks and paying $100 for each piece they print.

Submissions are made online, and ideally surround the theme of ‘Cell’ (although as Voiceworks always say, ‘theme isn’t everything, most of all we want good writing’). Last date to get your entries in is March 24 2013 (told you I was starting early).

To find out where to send your work, what to include in your email, and a bunch of other important guidelines, check out this page. You can also follow the link to read the theme description, which is always worth it: full of poetic images and various interpretations of ‘Cell’ to get your creativity pumping. Lines like this:

All that empty space in an atom, all that empty space that moves and breathes and loves and dies and goes back to the stars.

Aw! I could almost go write something right now. But, um, not for Voiceworks. I need to spend today working on my book… but everyone should go submit to this issue!


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