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Nelson Algren Short Story Award

I love seeing competitions for short stories. It’s such a technical form of creative writing, and so much harder than a lot of people think. So when I saw that the Nelson Algren Short Story Award was open, I got a little bit excited.

It’s a shame I’m geographically excluded from this one, but I’m sure all you US writers will jump at it.

The Chicago Tribune run this competition, which has been held annually for the last 20 years. All stories should be 8000 words or less and previously unpublished.

The submissions are made online, and there’s no entry fee. You can find out more about the competition guidelines here. Deadline is February 1 2013, so you’ve still got over a week to get ready.

And I seriously recommend it, because the prizes are awesome. First place gets $3500. Yep. A further three finalists get $1000, and four runners-up receive $500. Told you it was awesome. I’d be stoked just to get runner-up.


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