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is your library sexy enough?

That was the all-important question that one Scottish library asked itself. And the answer was no. So what do you do when your library is being forgotten? You put in a pole. Because everyone knows that pole-dancing makes us want to read.

I’ll be honest, most libraries are in need of a make-over, something to spice them up a bit, bring back the masses. But mixing pole-dancing lessons with literature wasn’t quite what I had in mind.

As part of ‘Love Your Library’ day, this Midlothian library had table tennis, xbox, musicians and of all things, head massages. Is this library sounding less like a library and more like a fun-bonanza to anyone else? Not that libraries aren’t fun. There’s nothing cooler than quietly trawling through shelves of books. Because that’s what libraries are for. They’re like an book-orphanage. Not a rumpus room.

The pole fitness session is a fun and interesting way of encouraging more people into our libraries, trying out all the services on offer and ultimately borrowing more books.

I don’t mean to sound harsh. I’m just having trouble wrapping my head around the logic that people who come in to have pole-dancing lessons are going to go pick up a Hemingway after their work-out.

I’d just expect that a library wouldn’t want to trick people in the doors by promising pole-dancing, xbox and table tennis, when that’s not the real point of a library. Maybe I’m being old fashioned and closed minded and not accepting that libraries have to change and grow with our society. But maybe the issue is to make reading more fun, not to make more fun where people read.


4 thoughts on “is your library sexy enough?

    • See, that’s kind of cool. For those times when you want to read outside on the grass but the blinding sun and ridiculous wind are just too much… My uni library have this space in between it’s building and the next, which they’ve filled with rainforest trees. And the wall is all windows, and there are tonnes of puffy chairs. It’s my favourite reading spot because I can just look up and feel like I’m in a forest. It’s beautiful 🙂

      • That sounds awesome! I wish there were cool libraries around me like that, but so far, I haven’t seen any amazing.

      • It’s pretty special 🙂 I like the idea of libraries manipulating their environments, like with the grass floor. Maybe there should be a library that has lots of different kinds of reading rooms that are all designed differently, like one that’s decked out like a spaceship, and one that’s a rainforest, etc etc. Then, depending on what style or genre of book you’re reading, you can go to whatever room you feel like and enhance your reading experience through your surroundings… Coolest library ever.

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