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Dear Lucky Agent Contest

A lot of writers know the value of a good agent. They can see the potential for your book, market it to a publisher and spread the word about your awesomeness. So if you’re writing a sci-fi or YA novel, this could be your big break.

The Writer’s Digest are running the Dear Lucky Agent competition for the 13th time, with previous winners having been signed on and published.

All you have to do is send in the first 150-200 words of your book. It’s not much at all, and really pushes that writing urban legend that “publishers only read the first sentence of your book” and then off to the scrap heap you go.

So polish up your beginnings, and get your entries off. Submissions close January 31 2013, so you’ve still got a bit of time. The winner of the Dear Lucky Agent comp gets the first 10 pages of their manuscript looked over and critiqued by a literary agent, plus a year’s subscription to Writers Market.

Check out the Writer’s Digest website for more submissions details (there’s this tricky one where you have to share the contest info around social media and provide links).

Go on, show those agents just how lucky they’d be to represent your book.


5 thoughts on “Dear Lucky Agent Contest

  1. I need more time to think… Tonight when I’m trying to get to sleep I will think. Once you’ve read 100’s, possibly even 1000’s – it’s hard to pick 5!
    I’ve only a couple off your list. A good thread for reading inspiration.

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