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Carrie vs Carrie

I’m a Stephen King fan. I haven’t read as many of his works as I’d like, but one of the first books of his that I picked up was Carrie. Needless to say it grabbed me from the first chapter (if you’ve read it, you could see why – such an awful thing to happen!) and I loved that the structure was a mix of story, newspaper articles and biography chapters. The whole thing stuck in my mind that King was a great story teller.

Fast forward a couple of years and I’m at a friend’s house watching TV. Sex and the City comes on, some episode where all the girls go to some apartment to learn how to give massages and the demonstrator accidently makes a guy ejaculate (awkward), flicking it up into Samantha’s face (just when you thought it was awkward enough). That was my first experience of Carrie Bradshaw and The Gang. It was just as awful and horrifying as my first impression of Carrie White.

So here’s an article all about Carrie and Carrie.

It compares the two girls as sixteen year olds and how very different their lives are. To compare them seemed so bizarre to me at first, but reading through it made me feel how wide the gap is between them and gave me this funny feeling that I can’t really explain properly.

Check it out if you’re like me and are fascinated by Carrie White and can’t wait for the new movie to come out later this year (didn’t even know it was happening! Sissy Spacek wins everytime though, for her big creepy eyes). Or if you also love curling up on Friday nights to watch Sex and the City and embrace your girly side (guilty-pleasure-o’clock).


4 thoughts on “Carrie vs Carrie

  1. Love Stephen King. First book read was, IT (if you haven’t read it yet, it’s considered one of his masterpieces). Finally read Carrie and thought it was great as well. I’d like to see the new version. Hope it’s good. Read almost everything else he’s written (last one was 11/22/63 … another winner).

    I’ve never seen Sex and the City, so I guess I can’t appreciate the comparison. The one scene you described does sound extraordinarily awkward though 🙂

    • Unfortunately I have read King for a few years now, I get caught up in uni reading and when I’m not in session I usually pick small books so I can read more in a shorter time (and many of King’s books are big whoppers!). I’m looking forward to picking him up again :] And yes, awkward to the max. I watched half an episode with my mum once, I had to leave the room because the awkward-factor was through the roof 😛

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