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Castaways Poetry Prize 2013

Writing from images can sometimes be a help or a hindrance. But when it’s a piece of art, we’re a little more free to stretch out on our imaginitive beaches, drink of the poetic coconut, and lose our minds to the volleyballs of verse. I’m talking about the Castaways Poetry Prize.

The City of Rockingham runs this competition, where poets from all over the world are invited to plonk themselves on an island of interpretation and write some poems based on the artistic prompts of 2012’s Castaway sculpture gallery.

Each poem should be 24 lines or less (you can enter 3 of them) and must be previously unpublished. Entry is free and by email (yay!) and closes on the 22 March 2013. For more formatting and entry details, clicky here.

First prize is $200 and 2 copies of the Castaways 2013 publication, and commended works get $100. As always, poetry pulls through and gives us writers the most bang for our buck – a couple hundred dollars isn’t bad for less than a page of work. Amirite?

So get to that online gallery and start marooning your muses.


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