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Telegraph Short Story Club

Everyone loves being in a club. And clubs don’t get much cooler than writing clubs. The Telegraph’s Short Story Club is in its second year and is run by writer Louise Doughty.

By becoming a member of the club you can chat with other writers through the forum and check out Louise’s blog posts for short story tips. Whether you’re a member or not, you can still enter the Short Story Club’s monthly competition and go into the running for a pretty cool prize.

Every month you get to put your story skills to good use and submit something 2000 words or less, and if you get selected, well your work goes online and everyone gets to marvel at your genius.

At the end of the year? The twelve monthly winners go to London to meet Louise, The Telegraph’s Literary Editor, plus (now this is truly awesome) a top literary agent and publisher. An overall winner is picked to be published and receives £500 prize. Told you it was cool.

From this website link you can read the short story than won 2012’s overall comp, and see what the standard is for this year.

There’s no entry fee and submissions are online, though I’m not sure about how international entrants (well, winners) would get to London… Oh well.

You might also notice that The Telegraph have a ‘group’ for Creative Writing, which allows members to workshop each other’s work (look for the ‘discussion’ tab for the forum threads). They also hold monthly competitions where members vote on the winning story. As far as I can tell there’s no prize except for the satisfaction of having written everyone else out of the water (and let’s be honest, it’s a good feeling).

Regardless of which group or competition you’re keen on, it’s nice to see a newspaper giant promoting creative writing (I can see the streamers and confetti now).


3 thoughts on “Telegraph Short Story Club

  1. Love the competition posts and sharing more submission opportunities with writers – have done some research (having only been a blogger for 12 days!) and reposting is considered fine and complimentary – so I have hand picked a few of these to reblog over at awritersfountain, mainly the ones I am interested in!

    • You’re the first person ever to re-blog my posts! I’m super excited, thanks for the massive ego boost, haha. Really glad that you’re liking ‘little rockets’, I’m checking out ‘awritersfountain’ right now :]

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