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Poetry Project: ‘New Voices Series’

Got a collection of poems under your bed? A manuscript of magnificent verse just waiting to be published? Lend me your ears.

The New Voices Series project is the chance for some regional or rural NSW writer to get their poems out of the bush and into bookshelves around the country.

You can also follow this link if you’re from Western Australia, and see the details for your state’s poetry project. If you’re from Melbourne, keep an eye out on the Express Media website because this opportunity should be coming your way soon.

It’s a collaborative project between Express Media, Australian Poetry, The Katherine Susannah Pritchard Foundation and The NSW Writers’ Centre, where they work with you to polish and publish your poetry into a proper book.

Being an emerging writer myself, I know how helpful a mentor would be in the publishing process. Someone there to show you the ropes. For me, that’s one of the big pluses for this competition. Even getting to work on your own publicity for the manuscript is pretty awesome.

There are a few criteria you’ve got to meet. Being over 25, not having enough experience in published journals and not being ready to print your poems by June could rule you out of this one.

Check out this page for more details. As far as I can see there’s no entry fee, just an email application that has to be in by January 15 2013.

So if you’re a poet, then you really ought to show it. You’ll be happy and you know it. Clap your hands!


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