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Ada Cambridge Prizes 2013

If you live or work in the western suburbs of Melbourne, this one’s for you.

The Williamstown Literary Festival are supporting both the Ada Cambridge Prose Prize and the Ada Cambridge Poetry Prize, celebrating biographical works and emerging writers.

Short stories must be between 1000 and 3000 words and previously unpublished, and for poetry you’ve gotta keep it under 30 lines.

The prizes for these prizes are well worth it.

For the Prose Prize, $1000 will go to the winner, while the Poetry Prize winner will get $300 (not bad for about a page of words!). Both the winners and commended writers will have their stories and verse published.

Ready for the catch? There isn’t one. Entry is entirely free (woohoo, right?).

Oh wait. I lied. There is a catch. You have to live or work in Melbourne’s western suburbs… well, get to it you Melbournians, you’ve got until April 3 2013 to get your entries in. Everybody else can shake some pom-poms and send some good vibes to the people entering – go you!

Follow the links from this link and find out the other submission details and where exactly you should be sending your amazing biographical masterpiece.


4 thoughts on “Ada Cambridge Prizes 2013

      • Have you seen the ASA Mentorship Competition Application Form? I only just came across it and it’s due 18th Jan. It’s a good one if you’ve already got a novel, story written (1st draft stage) and have never been published before. If you’re an ASA member it’s free, if not $55. I saw it on the Creative Kids Tales Website. Have you visited there? They’ve also got some other comps too.

      • Oh yeah, the ASA are a great website, lots of good advice and resources for writers. I don’t have a manuscript ready now, but maybe I’ll catch this one when it comes around next year! I’ve been to the Creative Kids Tales site before, but not in a while – I’ll need to check back in and see what else is on :] Thanks for the heads up Rachel!

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