Writing Advice

what not to say to an agent

I don’t mean a sneaky gun-toting secret agent, though they’re probably just as hard to get hold of. From what I’ve heard, getting a literary agent to represent your work can be difficult. There’s the waiting, the rejection, choosing the agent that’s right for you – it’s the part where you really have to get down to business.

Taking some of the pain and frustrating pound-head-on-desk motions out of the equation is literary agent, Rachelle Gardner. She’s put together a short list of what not to say to an agent (and well, not looking like an idiot is always nice).

Being an agent herself, Gardner gets tonnes of letters from writers who are on their knees pleading for a chance. Which makes this article all the more important.

Getting this info straight from the agent’s mouth is something special, and if it can help get us weary writers off our aching knees and get our feet in the door, then it’s gotta be a good thing.

I’ve never written to an agent, though I imagine one day I’m gonna have to. And when I do I’ll be looking for this article, and re-writing all my sentences from ‘amateur writer’ to ‘professional literary badass’.


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