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Cordite ‘No Theme II’

Here’s another poetry submission opening for y’all. Issue 42 of Cordite Poetry Review is going to have no theme. That’s right – so whatever your crazy sestinas, imagist haikus or iambic verse is about, you can go right ahead and send it off.

I get so excited about non-themed issues of magazines and journals because I find it difficult to come up with ideas, even at the best of times.

Cordite, now in their 15th year of publishing emerging and established poets, have had one previous No Theme issue, but are planning to make it an annual thing.

For No Theme II they’ve got the great Gig Ryan on board as guest editor, so there’s no doubt it’s gonna be a real kicker.

To find out more about issue 42 click here, and if you want to read more about Cordite Poetry Review follow this little linky.

The cut-off date for submissions is February 14 2013. You can send a maximum of 3 unpublished poems, and they pay all their contributors ($60 for a single poem – not a bad day’s work if you ask me, especially since entry is free). Check out the submission details for more info.

So go on, make a poem and pull it’s trigger; smell that cordite.


2 thoughts on “Cordite ‘No Theme II’

  1. Thanks for the info. I must buy a 2013 diary so i can put all these submission due dates in!! I emailed off a couple of short and twisted stories the other day. Have you been entering all these great comps that you’ve found?

    • I have to buy a new diary too for that exact reason! I entered the ABC Open and got my story up, and I also sent a poem off to Positive Words. I found Short and Twisted really hard! I just couldn’t get my 100 word story right so I never sent it (but good on you for getting yours in!). Apart from that, I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for some of the other comps that still have a while to go. My novel (and uni) are keeping me a bit pre-occupied at the moment 😛 Have you been writing up a storm?

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