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RABBIT ‘Sound’

I don’t mean the cute little noise bunnies make when they chomp carrots. Submissions are now open for issue 7 of RABBIT, a journal for poetry that has been kicking around since 2011.

RABBIT publish non-fiction poetry, essays and interviews and are branching out a bit for their latest issue. The theme is ‘sound’, which means that submissions could include spoken word, soundtracks and other aural experiments.

They’re asking for 3 to 5 poems as audio and document files, sent via email.

Check out their website for more info on where to send your poems and what else to include. Submissions close January 10 2013.

People always say that poetry is meant to be read aloud, but it’s not very often that journals give readers the opportunity to actually hear it. It’s one thing to read verse on the page but another to hear the author’s voice, the inflections and stresses, even the music that accompanies the piece. It really makes for a unique poetic experience.


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