Griffin Award 2013

I’m no playwright, but this award looks pretty darn perfect for any emerging theatre-writers out there.

The Griffin Award is run by none other than the Griffin Theatre (who else?) and is open to unproduced and unpublished plays. Entries have to be at least 60 minutes long and submitted via email in PDF format.

The Griffin Theatre don’t guarantee that they’ll run your play on the stage, but they do give $10,000 to the winner (wow) which makes the free entry (as far as I can tell) all the better. There’s nothing sweeter than knowing you don’t have to fork out to have a go and win big bucks.

Submissions close January 1 2013 at 4PM (nice and specific).

Check out the submission guidelines for more details about the prize, and have a look at the Griffin Theatre website for more info on the company itself.

I’ve never written a script in my life. That’s why I have all the more admiration for those writers who can sit down and churn out a play. I just couldn’t do it. If you’re one of those people who can, I say go for the Griffin. Not the mythological kind, that could end badly.


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