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Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2013

If you’re a short story writer and you happen to live in this Commonwealth of ours, this one’s for you. Looking through the Commonwealth Writers website I can see a tonne of pluses about this prize (and hardly any minuses – why did I bring maths into this?), so here it is.

The Commonwealth Short Story Prize has been running since 2010, and accepts previously unpublished works only (good news for us emerging writers).

It’s open to any genre, so whatever you’ve got lying around or knocking about in the back of your head, it could be getting you some sweet moolah.

And when I say sweet moolah, I mean you could win up to £5000 if you come first (there are a bunch of other cash prizes for winners depending on whether your work is a translation and all that jazz – but seriously, £5000 would be awesome).

Short stories should be between 2000 and 5000 words and submitted in PDF format – that’s right ladies and gents, online submissions. Just imagine, at the click of a couple of buttons your amazeballs story could be off and winning things.

Submissions for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize close December 4th 2012.

Oh, did I mention that entry is free? IT’S FREE.

I also recommend checking out the Commonwealth Short Story Prize entry rules because there are lots of guidelines and conditions about eligibilty and formatting, so having a proper read through before you send off your story would be sensible.

Good luck fellow Commonwealthians, let’s show the British what we got.


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