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Seizure: Magazine + Flashers

Seizure are accepting submissions for two writing projects they’ve got tucked up their sleevies. These are great opportunities to get work published and get your writing out there.

Submissions for the magazine itself are open, with the themes and cut-offs being ‘Crime’ for December 2012 and ‘Sport’ for June 2013. That’s buckets of time to get your fiction and non-fiction in.

Like most other magazines, Seizure recommend reading an issue or two to gauge their house style. Have a peek at their website and learn more about the magazine here, or visit this fancy little website to make a submission.

Seizure’s other submittable writing project is ‘Flashers’, for flash fiction/micro-fiction. I love micro-fictions. They’re like smooth pebbles on a river front.

If you’ve got some work lying around, 50 to 500 words, you can find out more about the project here and get writin’! To submit something and be a flasher (the legal kind), see this nifty website.


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