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Helen Bell Poetry Prize 2013

Southerly have just announced the brand spankin’ new Helen Bell Poetry Bequest, awarded to ladies with lovely poetry centered around our beautiful Aussie backdrop.

The poetry prize is only open to female applicants (sorry fellas), and all submissions have to consist of 30 previously unpublished poems ‘about Australian culture’. It’s gonna be tough, to come up with 30 themed and polished poems by February 1 2013, but it sure is gonna be worth it.

First prize is $5000 (impressive, huh?), plus the publication and distribution of your own chapbook by the University of Sydney. And on top of all of that, you get to give a public presentation and reading of your work.

It looks like entry is free (awesome!) and all poems are to be sent in hardcopy.

See this page to check on submission guidelines and find out where to send your poems.

There’s no doubt that the Helen Bell Poetry Bequest is going to be massive. It’s going to be such a great opportunity for some lucky gal out there. Australia isn’t just a great place to mine for ore and opals, it’s rich in beautiful lines and images for poems. Can you tell I’m super keen to start writing for this?


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