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Bad Sex in Fiction – there’s a prize for that.

My immediate reaction upon reading this article about the Bad Sex in Fiction Prize was to link and copy/paste sections to my boyfriend and laugh about it.

The prize has been held by British magazine Literary Review since 1993, awarding the worst sex scenes in novels. I found hardly anything about this year’s nominees (which leads me to believe they haven’t been announced yet), but a list of previous winners can be found here.

Rumour has it (by which I mean, ‘this article I read says’) that J.K. Rowling is in the running for the award, for her novel The Casual Vacancy. I’m surprised. I liked The Casual Vacancy and didn’t find anything wrong with the way she wrote about sex. But then, I’ve read some pretty weird sex scenes. Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty Trilogy is pretty out there (let’s just say ‘ponies’ will never be the same again).

I don’t claim to be a connoisseur of naughty novels, but I’ve read enough to know that you should never use the word ‘sex’ instead of vagina or penis. And being consistent with style would probably help as well. It’s just weird reading an intensely romantic novel only to come across a sex scene that makes you laugh.

With all my pet peeves in mind, it’s going to be interesting to read the scene that Literary Review choose as the winner for the Bad Sex in Fiction Award 2012 (if you could even call it ‘winning’).

If the past is anything to go by, the announcement should be made some time this month. I’ll keep my eyes open, and keep you up to date if I hear anything (I know, the suspense is just killing me too!).


3 thoughts on “Bad Sex in Fiction – there’s a prize for that.

    • Thanks Deborah! I’m about to write a post about the prize winner, so keep an eye out for that one today.

      And you’re welcome, it’s a great list! I always think to myself around Christmas time, “I should get some writerly presents” but I’m never sure what direction to go in. I think this year I’ll be asking for some books on writing…

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