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Wanted: fashion writers for Lovage

The call for contributors for Lovage Magazine has been slapping me in the face for almost a month (see the ad here). I’m not a fashion writer. I spend most of my days in my pyjamas. But I thought, ‘Hey, don’t hog the info, let some fashionista out there have a go’ and now I am.

Lovage Magazine are hiring 3 stylin’ writers to work with them, churning out a minimum 3 blog posts per week. Some lucky person out there could even get their own weekly column (cool, huh?).

More info about what to do and where to send stuff can be found here. Also, visit Lovage Magazine and see what they’re about. They look like pretty smooth operators.

To apply for the positions, send Lovage a few samples of your writing by December 31, prove to them that you’re all about fashion and quality work, and start getting published.


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