The Ampersand Project – YA Fiction

If you’re a Young Adult fiction writer and you’re looking for a way to publish your debut novel, Hardie Grant Egmont run ‘The Ampersand Project’ where previously unpublished authors can be signed on and get their first work out into the world.

The Ampersand Project started in 2011, and will open annually from November 1 to January 31. That means it’s on now, and you’d better jot it down in your diary for next year as well.

They accept unsolicited manuscripts of any genre so long as it’s YA. Works should be between 50,000 and 80,000 words and you can’t have any books already published.

Check out the Hardie Grant Egmont website for submission guidelines, formatting and other helpful stuff.

You can also find The Ampersand Project on Facebook and Twitter.

If you’ve already got your YA novel lying around I think this is a good opportunity to get it published. Or, if you’re planning on pumping out your YA book over NaNoWriMo, there’d still be plenty of time to polish it and send it on before the closing date at the end of January.


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