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Voiceworks: ‘Thing’

Voiceworks is great, so whenever I see their latest theme or deadline, I write up a storm (then rain all over myself and catch pneumonia). Now I’ve got a nice little collection of rejection emails in my inbox, which really only pushes me harder to want to write better. Plus they’re ridiculously nice. They’re like your hip cousin who sneaks you wine at the family BBQ. Only they’re not illegal.

Well, their newest theme is ‘Thing’, with the deadline being January 6 2013 and, as always, they’re taking fiction, non-fiction, poetry and artworks. If you’re over 25 years old, you’re out (sorry).

Visit their website for all the nitty-gritty details about submissions, and have a browse of the rest of their site too – there’s lots of advice floating around and their blog ‘Virgule’ often has exercises and interviews with writers and such.


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