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Poetry: 52 Sundays Project

I heard about this in one of my classes last week: a Second-hand Sydney store, Desire Books, are running this thing called the ’52 Sundays Project’ and if your poetry is the pick o’ the bunch, you could earn $520 and the publication of your own chapbook. Yep. All you’ve gotta do is write one poem a week for a whole year.

Sound easy? It’s not. But it is great practice. And you’re gonna get paid and published by the end of it, which is awesome.

To be enter, you’ve got to email Desire Books a sample of your poetry and they’ll judge who they want to write the poems. Only one person gets chosen, so it could be pretty competitive. Luckily the entries close on December 9 so there’s a bit of time to polish those poems before you send off your portfolio.

Find out more about 52 Sundays and the submission details here.

I think the idea of writing a poem a week is cool, and it’d be a great way to challenge yourself. Maybe I’ll try it. Maybe I’ll fail half-way through the year. Bring it on 2013, show me what you got.


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