Competitions / Events

TweetPitch Comp

The NSW Writers’ Centre have a competition called TweetPitch where you could win a free ticket (worth $80) to the Emerging Writers’ Festival Roadshow, visiting the centre on Saturday 3rd November.

Basically, if you have an idea for a novel, you go to the NSWWC Twitter page and pitch it to them in 140 characters or less, including the hashtag #tweetpitchEWF.

If your idea is the most amazing thing they’ve ever heard they give you a ticket to the festival, which is valued at $80. Not bad for a couple of sentences. You’ve gotta make your own way there though. For more info on TweetPitch visit this page.

Entries close this Thursday, November 1, so if you’ve got your idea ready and you’re keen to celebrate writing for free, better get your pitch shortened into a teeny weeny itsy bitsy little thing, and soon.


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