Positive Words: Monthly Mini-Comps

Need to write but stuck for ideas? Want to do something quick to stretch those writer-muscles? Positive Words magazine run mini writing competitions every month for short stories (and I mean short stories) and short poetry, so you best get typing and scribbling soon because this month’s comp is about to close – and the November competition is about to open.

Stories must be 100 words or less and poems 10 lines or less (told you they were short!) and to the theme of the current month. Entry is literally the cost of a postage stamp, so it’s not gonna break your budget to have a go.

October’s theme is ARROW, and a whole list of up-coming themes can be found at the bottom of this post. To find out more about the mini-comps and how to submit, looky here.

Winners get a 6 month subscription to Positive Words (that’s a massive 6 issues) and their work published in the magazine.

Because there’s a new theme every month and the word limit is teeny-weeny, there should be no problem pumping out some prose or poetry and polishing it up for Positive Words (oh alliteration, I love you). So, at least if I don’t fit some arrows into the week, I can go for some topaz.

Up-coming themes for Positive Words mini-competitions:

October 2012 – ARROW

November 2012 – TOPAZ

December 2012 – STOCKING

January 2013 – RESOLUTION/S

February 2013 – FREE

March 2013 – MILK

April 2013 – SECRET/S


June 2013 – LEFTOVERS

July 2013 – RADIO

August 2013 – TOAD

September 2013 – TICKET/S

October 2013 – LUCKY

November 2013 – MOOD

December 2013 – TINSEL


6 thoughts on “Positive Words: Monthly Mini-Comps

  1. Thanks so much Kyra! I really appreciate such a great piece about the Positive Words mini-competitions. I started the mini-competitions back in 2006 thinking it was just what I would like to keep me motivated and submitting reularly…but, of course, I can’t enter 😦
    Thanks again!

    • No problem! I’ve had it written up on my ‘things to enter and write for’ whiteboard for weeks! Can’t wait to get writing and submit something :] Thanks for giving us writers something to think about every month :]

  2. This sounds like fun. Nothing like a challenge… 100 words. Not an easy task to make something compelling in that short of a story. Love it. I will have to see what I can come up with. Thank you for sharing Kyra.

    • It really is difficult! I tried, and ended up sending in a poem instead. You can fit a lot more into a smaller space in poetry, so that was way easier. And no worries, stay tuned for more posts on submission openings over the next few days!

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