Short and Twisted 2013

Celapene Press run the short story and poetry competition ‘Short and Twisted’, which closes November 30. Entry is free and there’s still over a month to go – plenty of time to write, re-write and edit a twisty story.

There are categories of Short Story (2000 words), Super Shorts (500 words), Mini Shorts (100 words – adorable!) and Poetry of up to 20 lines. Winning entries will get their work published in the ‘Short and Twisted 2013’ Anthology (2013 will be it’s 7th year running), and receive a free contributor’s copy.

You can find a PDF with more info about the submission guidelines by following the link from here.

Every work submitted needs to have a twist at the end, so break out the pretzels, crazy straws and iPod earphones and get twistin’.


3 thoughts on “Short and Twisted 2013

  1. Just saw your blog mentioned on the the positive words blog and thought I’d check it out. It’s great. I’m always on the look out for competitions to enter and this one is free (bonus) with heaps of time to prepare. Will have a look at your other posts too. The ABC one sounds interesting…
    If you have a look on the creative kids tales website –
    there’s a number of writing competitions too.

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